Tariff 6.xTD

Designed for high consumption.

A tariff designed for high consumption in your company or industry.

A tariff designed for high consumption in your company or industry.

Fixed or indexed modes

Pay the same for your consumption during each period or pay the market price for the energy you consume.

With no added costs

You know exactly what you are going to pay for each of your bills, there are no surprises with services that you do not use.



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The 6.1TD Tariff is for High Voltage supplies with a supply voltage of between 1 kV and 30 kV. Any power can be contracted, as long as we have availability through the connection and the CIE (Certificate of Electrical Installation or bulletin).

The 6.1TD Tariff has 6 time periods that are organised into seasons (high, medium high, medium and low) defined for the 12 months of the year (you can see this in our time period graphs). Therefore, depending on the month or months that the invoiced period includes, those time periods will be included for the billing of energy and power excesses (if they occur).

The power to be billed will always be for the 6 periods, as established in Circular 3/2020, published by the CNMC.

You can contract the same power over all periods, but it is not an essential requirement. Different powers can be contracted, although they must always follow an equal or ascending order so that, if the same power has not been contracted over all periods, P6 will always be the highest:

P1 ≤ P2 ≤ P3 ≤ P4 ≤ P5 ≤ P6

For the 6.1TD Tariffs, if you exceed the contracted power, two circumstances can occur:

-In supplies with powers of up to 15 kW and which are not classified as “non-interruptible”, the ICP of the meter will cut off the supply and you will need to reset it.

In supplies with power greater than 15 kW, excess power will be billed, as follows:

For supplies with contracted power of up to 50 kW (inclusive), excesses will be billed per maximeter. That is, they will be calculated based on the maximum power consumed in the billed period.

· For supplies with power greater than 50 kW, quarterly-hour excesses will be billed. In other words, every quarter of an hour that the power contracted for the calculation is exceeded will be counted.

If the contracted power is exceeded by a large number of quarters of an hour per month, the excess power will be cheaper with the first calculation method and vice versa.

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