Tariff 2.0TD Solar

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

For homes with a self-consumption installation.

Specially designed for homes that combine supply and self-consumption, with the Tariff 2.0TD Solar you take advantage of the cheapest time slots and compensate for your surpluses at the same price.

Savings guaranteed

Definite savings in the medium term because you consume during the lowest price periods.

Stable prices

Thanks to self-consumption, your spending will be less sensitive to market variations. This is because we pay you the production surplus at the same price that we charge you for consumption.

No surprises on your bill

You will only pay a fixed monthly fee for the running of the installation and we will be there for whatever you need.

Diary Personalized

Tariff 2.0TD Solar Diary

Price right now
0.03 €/kWh
Average price of the day
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Highest price of the day



Energy term

The power charge is a variable cost that corresponds to the consumption made and is calculated by multiplying the kilowatt-hours consumed by the price per kWh.

Power term

On weekdays there will be two consumption time slots, and during weekends and holidays, only one time slot will be applied, the most economical period (Valley).


Tariff 2.0TD prices

Get to know all the details of the tariff.


Without Taxes

With tax










Without Taxes

With tax













*Valor promedio de los últimos 6 meses. Coste de gestión autoconsumo a 4.99 euros/mes.


Y si aún quedan dudas, escríbenos sin compromiso

Our solar energy installation generates energy that, if we do not have a battery to store it, must be consumed as soon as it is generated. If all the energy that the installation is generating is not consumed, this results in a surplus. This is energy which is not consumed, and therefore is injected into the distribution network.

Simplified compensation is the chance we have to take advantage of that surplus energy that we have poured into the network, discounting it on the bill.

The management cost is the monthly fee for the 2.0TD Solar Tariff, ensuring the supplier the minimum return necessary to manage both the supply and the surplus energy. In this way, energy and power will be paid at cost and the excess energy on the invoice will be discounted at its market price, thus making the most of the return on the installation.

The compensation price is contracted with the supplier. At CYE ENERGÍA we compensate the surplus at the Spanish electricity market price (this does not include tolls and charges). In this way, the cost of consumption will be balanced with the price of surplus energy. The more the energy I consume costs me  better price they will compensate me.

Specifically, the price of the periods of the most representative electricity generation, from 13 pm to 16.00 pm, will be taken into account. These data can be consulted with OMIE (Spanish Iberian Market Operator). At that price, the management costs in force at that time will be deducted.

For example, if the market price is €70/MWh during those hours, the compensation price will be €0.07/kWh * 98% (diversion cost set by CYE) which is equal to €0.0686/kWh. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

With us you will be compensated for the surplus until the resulting amount is equal to the sum of the amount of consumption in terms of energy and power.

For example, if your power term has resulted in €15 and the energy term in €30, you can be compensated for up to €45.

The resulting amount of euros between the total that would have been your excess compensation without limitation, and what has been compensated in the bill, will be stored in the “solar wallet”, to be deducted in subsequent bills.

On one hand, for example, if you generate 350 kWh of surplus which is compensated at €0.196/kWh, it will make a total of €68.6. On the other hand, €45 has been consumed between the term of energy and power, which is the maximum compensation for that bill. The resulting 68.6 – 45 = €23.6 will be stored to be deducted on subsequent bills.

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For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

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