The best tariffs for your business

We design our rates so that your business receives the best service at the best price. Discover yours .

Electricity...the clearer the better

We know how much bread, a carton of milk or a bottle of water costs. Why don’t we know how much electricity costs? At CYE we believe that you have the right to know exactly what you are paying for with your electricity bill. That is why our tariffs are simple, and there is no small print. Because with electricity… the clearer the better.

An energy company with no permanence commitment

We want you to be with us because you are happy with our product and service, not because you are bound by contract. That’s why you are free to leave at any time.

An affordable energy company

Convoluted tariffs and confusing contracts can mean the cost of your electricity bill soars. If you know what you are contracting and how much you pay for it, there will be no surprises on your bill.

An affordable electricity company

Don’t agree to overpaying on your electricity bill. You don’t have to. You have the right to a tariff that suits your needs and to pay exactly for the service you receive. And not one euro more.

We have a tariff for you

Choose the rate that best suits your home or business.
And don’t pay a euro more.

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

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With hourly periods to optimize your consumption.

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No additional costs.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Protect your company from energy market fluctuations.

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No additional costs.

Custom tariff for high-consumption businesses or installations connected to high voltage.

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Personalized tariff for your consumption mode.

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No additional costs.

Our customers

They are already part of the CYE family

Contacté con ellos porque no estaba contento con mi comercializadora, pero al decirles lo que estaba pagando y ver que no podían mejorar el precio, me dijeron que no me cambiara. Es de agradecer.
Nos hicieron un estudio energético para la comunidad de vecinos y desde entonces se ha notado el ahorro en la factura, ¡pagamos mucho menos!
Tengo varios suministros con ellos y puedo decir que nunca me he llevado una sorpresa en la factura de la luz. Siempre que hay un cambio, lo notifican antes para que sepas exactamente cuánto vas a pagar.
Para mí cambiar de compañía eléctrica era un lío y con CYE ha sido muy fácil. Ellos me lo han gestionado todo. Algo que pensaba que era muy complicado, lo han resuelto con una llamada de teléfono.

Energy is not a luxury

We believe in clean energy at the best price, a clear and transparent bill and an honest and professional service that solves problems and offers solutions.

You too?

Electricity tariffs

Home tariffs
Business tariffs

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

We design our tariffs so that you can have the best service at the best price, whether at home or for your business. Discover yours .

Forget about “time of day” metering.

Designed for high consumption.