Tariff Fixed Price 2.0

Forget about “time of day” metering.

A single rate for homes with up to 15 KW of contracted power.

Forget about “time of day” metering. With Fixed Price 2.0 you won’t have to look at your watch every time you need to turn on the washing machine or the oven. Peace of mind, simplicity and service, all in the same tariff with the same price all year round.

Whatever the time of day

Pay the same for your consumption every hour of the year.

With no added costs

You know exactly what you are going to pay for each of your bills, there are no surprises with services that you do not use.



Power charge

The power charge is a variable cost that corresponds to the consumption made and is calculated by multiplying the kilowatt-hours consumed by the price per kWh.

Término de potencia

En días laborables habrá dos franjas horarias de consumo, y durante los fines de semana y festivos, se aplicará a una única franja horaria, el periodo más económico (Valle).


Tariff Fixed Price 2.0 prices

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Without Taxes

With tax










Without Taxes

With tax

Single Period





Y si aún quedan dudas, escríbenos sin compromiso

The flat rate is a fixed price modality that allows us to pay for energy at a single price, regardless the time of day it is consumed. It offers us more freedom, but not always with the best savings. Knowing your consumption habits is important since more than 45% of energy consumption in domestic supplies is carried out during the hours of the P3 or Off-peak period, which is the cheapest.

No, the flat rate refers to the energy charge. For power, this will continue to be billed in two time periods, as marked by the access tariff. marca la tarifa de acceso. However, since the same power is usually contracted in both periods, you don’t need to worry about the time periods for this term.

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For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

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Forget about “time of day” metering.

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