We help you to generate your own energy. We install solar energy.

The sun is an inexhaustible and sustainable source of energy. And it is within your reach. If you are thinking of installing solar energy, at CYE we carry out a study of the energy needs of your home or business to offer you the most suitable installation at the best price.

Energy independence

Do you dream of saying goodbye to electricity marketers? Well now you can. Because thanks to the sun, you can generate your own energy and be self-sufficient.

Clean and renewable

Solar energy is produced continuously and naturally and does not generate emissions or waste. It is 100% clean, sustainable and renewable.

A fast return on investment

The amount saved on your bill quickly repays the investment made in your installation Once paid for, all the energy you generate is FREE.

Long duration

Solar technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and is becoming more efficient, cheaper and more durable. You will have the installation for many years.

Control of your own energy

Because no one knows better than you when your business or home consumes more energy, you have control of your installation and the energy you produce.

Save on your bills

Electricity prices are through the roof. But it’s OK, you have solar energy Because it’s you who produces your energy. So you can save between 40% and 60% on your bill.

Electricity... the clearer the better

We believe in clean energy at the best price, a clear and transparent bill and an honest and professional service that solves problems and offers solutions. You too?

Electricity tariffs

Home tariffs
Business tariffs

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

We design our tariffs so that you can have the best service at the best price, whether at home or for your business. Discover yours .

Forget about “time of day” metering.

Designed for high consumption.