Our team

Professionals committed to one idea: the energy of trust.

Energy is not a luxury, it is a necessary commodity. The team at CYE works every day to bring our customers energy they can trust. A new concept of transparent and honest energy in which our customers are our priority.

Our team is your team

Would you like to get to know us a little better? This is what we are!


It’s easy to make promises. It’s not so easy to keep them. We don’t offer anything that we can’t provide and we will always stay true to our commitment to you.


We take our work and the service we provide to our clients very seriously. You having peace of mind with your energy bill is our responsibility.


If we can’t offer you a better price on your bill, we won’t ask you to switch. It’s not about wanting contracts at all costs, we prefer happy customers.


We are here to respond to your needs. And we will do it in the most decisive, fast and straightforward way we can. Clearing up any doubts or problems you have is our priority.


We lead by example. We are committed to clean, affordable energy at a fair price. And every step we take is aimed at achieving it.


In our communication there will be no answering machines, no bots and no chats. At CYE we feel like a family and our customers are part of it. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

The CYE team

When we started there were two of us. We grow so that every day we can improve.

Enrique Persiva

Technical management

Carlos Gómez

Financial and commercial management

Paco Giménez

Efficiency and renewable energies

Joan Mateo

Distributor services

Merche López


Miriam Requena


Marc Ramos


Guillermo Sotos

Trade specialist

Verónica Mallebrera

Third-party remote access operations

Tamara Pietrantoni

Financial and commercial management

Olmo Belles


Patricia López


Marta Valero

Agent services

Mayte Estevan

Customer services / payment management

Miriam Casanova

Customer services / payment management

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We are your trusted electricity company

Because for us you are much more than a contract code or a rate of consumption. Do you need us? We will respond.

Energy is not a luxury

We believe in clean energy at the best price, a clear and transparent bill and an honest and professional service that solves problems and offers solutions.

You too?

Electricity tariffs

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Business tariffs

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

We design our tariffs so that you can have the best service at the best price, whether at home or for your business. Discover yours .

Forget about “time of day” metering.

Designed for high consumption.