Energy advisers

We are more than an energy company. We are experts in energy projects

And we have more than 15 years of experience at the service of a more transparent and fairer energy. We provide tailor-made solutions, always with the same objective: a better service, at a better price.

Don’t pay a penny more

If you don’t understand your bill, you don’t really know what you’re paying for. At CYE we study your bill and your energy needs so that you pay exactly for what you consume.

confía en CYE Energía para no pagar de más en tu tarifa de luz, nosotros te asesoramos
En CYE Energía te asesoramos para que tengas la mayor eficiencia energética

We improve your energy efficiency

Why consume more than you need? We are experts in carrying out energy audits to improve and optimise the energy efficiency of your home or business.

We take care of your consumption

Your meter dictates your consumption, but what happens if it fails? At no additional cost and without any increase in the fee, we replace your rented meter with a CYE meter that allows us to monitor the behaviour of your consumption. So you can plan and schedule your savings.

cuidamos de tu consumo de luz
iluminación del futuro

The lighting of the future

LED bulbs: a new generation of light bulbs that is here to stay. With 80% savings compared to incandescent bulbs and 70% compared to low consumption bulbs, LED is the most economical lighting system on the market. At CYE we can carry out a study to change the lighting of your home or business to LED.

Energy is not a luxury

We believe in clean energy at the best price, a clear and transparent bill and an honest and professional service that solves problems and offers solutions.

You too?

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For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes and small businesses with low consumption.

For homes that combine supply and self-consumption.

We design our tariffs so that you can have the best service at the best price, whether at home or for your business. Discover yours .

Forget about “time of day” metering.

Designed for high consumption.